Porsche 991

Porsche 991 Differential, Ring Gear and Pinion


Limited Slip Differential/Ring Gear and Pinion shaft for Porsche 991 racing transaxles. Holinger have developed a robust solution for 991 Cup Cars not running in a series where homologated parts must be used. Many of the features of our G96/97 LSD have been incorporated, with a completely new housing devoid of stress concentration which has led to premature failures in the OEM unit.


  •  Multiple Ramp-Angle options including custom designs.
  • Break-Away Torque easily adjusted by a range Belleville springs rather than shims.
  • 16 Friction-Faces.
  • The differential housing splits at a new location away from the major load paths, strengthening and stiffening the area under the Ring-Gear, addressing issues in the OEM unit.
  • Housings are made from the same steel and case hardened heat treatment process from which we make our racing-gears, giving it a superb fatigue life.
  • End cover is held captive with the world's best ARP fasteners with fine threads allowing maximum clamping capacity.
  • Side and Pinion gears with Billet CNC milled tooth-forms featuring carefully chosen root radii and pressure angles to resist extreme shock loading and provide ultimate fatigue life.
  •  Unique LASER cut oil passages are cut into the clutch plates allowing excess oil to escape with a clear path way. They also act as lubrication pockets to ensure the wet clutch is always offered the correct amount of oil resulting in predictable friction characteristics.
  • Cross is precision ground with a specially shaped hub for extra rigidity.
  •  Housing Incorporates a specially shaped positive oil capture and lubrication feed taking advantage of its centrifugal force.
  • Cross/Pinion Shaft is interchangeable with the original however we recommend replacing the Ring and Pinion as a pair